How to increase a man's potential after 50 years?

Treatment of impotence in men after the age of 50 is quite important and a widely discussed topic. Although impotence is a nightmare for a man of any age, after the age of 50 the risk of developing it increases significantly. Associated erectile dysfunctions lead not only to the disruption of sexual life, but also to the development of various complexes, as well as depression.

For men, regardless of age, it is important to maintain sexual power to please their partner. But when talking about how to increase the potential after 50 years, you also need to understand that it will not magically come back. This process will take you a lot of time and effort, and the first signs of his return do not always appear at the expected moment.

A happily married couple in adulthood with no problems in their intimate life

Causes of potential problems

As you know, erectile dysfunction can occur in men of different ages, but as mentioned above, it is the 50+ age category that is most prone to the development of this disease. Another problem arises from this: many men hide their impotence and are afraid to seek help from a specialist, or perhaps they simply consider it unnecessary. The main causes of impotence are:

  1. In men over 50 years of age, the decrease in the amount of hormones causes problems in the sexual sphere of life. Their decline begins already at the age of thirty and practically does not manifest itself in any way. However, the percentage of testosterone in men's blood decreases by 1-3% every year. If you do not start therapy aimed at increasing the amount of hormones in time, they will not be enough for normal sexual function until the age of 50.
  2. Over time, plaques form in a person's veins, blood flow to the sexual organs slows down, this process affects erection and can be a kind of sign of the onset of old age.
  3. Extremely difficult environmental situation in the city.
  4. Bad habits like alcohol and smoking.
  5. Improper nutrition.
  6. Various diseases, as well as deterioration of the cardiovascular system.
  7. Stressful work, especially in the summer.
Factors that worsen male potential - stress, smoking, nutrition

Different drugs for impotence

There are different ways to increase potency in men after 50 years. For example, phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. These drugs have the effect of increasing blood flow to the genitals, but have a negative effect on blood pressure, so those suffering from hypertension should take them very seriously.Pills that save men over 50 from impotencebe careful.

These types of preparations have almost the same effect, but they differ from each other in terms of instructions and the amount of medicine taken, as well as in the way they are administered by their effect on the body. It is impossible to say that treatment with these drugs always leads to an improvement in potency, because they often do not help men who suffer from impotence, that is, they already have a lack of male power.

Relaxation of the muscles of the penis

Another option for increasing the potential is the use of endothelial NO-synthase, the therapy process itself becomes more active and the effect on blood pressure is minimized, so this tool is quite effective. A potential problem due to an increase in the amount of testosterone in men during the constant use of drugs is eliminated. Already during treatment, it increases sexual desire for the partner and makes intercourse last longer. Medicines of this type include a tool that helps restore potency in men after 50 years and has practically no effect on the heart.

Alpha blockers and testosterone

Alpha-blockers help increase potency in men over fifty by improving blood circulation in the pelvic organs. It not only improves blood circulation but also cures problems related to erectile dysfunction. If you have a problem with the testosterone hormone, you should consult a doctor to increase potency.

Based on the results of all tests, after a complete examination, the specialist will determine the general picture of your disease and prescribe the hormone that you will take in the form of injections or tablets.

It should be added that if the lack of testosterone occurs due to age-related changes in the male body, you will not be able to restore it naturally. But if you want to increase the effect of drugs, you can take products that affect the level of male hormones. These foods include shellfish, nuts, and oysters.

Seafood and nuts will help increase testosterone in the male body

dietary supplements, homeopathy

Dietary supplements are most often used to strengthen the body, so they will not be able to significantly increase potency after 50 years. However, in many cases, the effect of taking them may not be complete or come after a long time. Although the dietary supplement is a natural remedy, it strengthens your health and not only affects the improvement of potency. The situation is the same with homeopathy, sometimes it has a less positive effect, so it is not the most effective way to improve the condition of the male reproductive system.

Methods of drug administration

Modern pharmaceutical companies offer men a wide range of products to restore potency and restore normal sex life. There are three ways to use them:

  1. Urethral. These drugs are injected directly into the urethra. Of course, this method scares many men, which in turn affects the popularity of these drugs. This reason is not the only one, because their effectiveness is currently quite low, and after taking the drug and subsequent sexual intercourse, women still feel a burning sensation in the vagina. Men also experience groin pain.
  2. Injections. You can feel the effect of such drugs in about an hour. However, there are side effects that affect the popularity of these funds. The main disadvantage is the ability to damage the genitals and pain when the erection is reduced.
  3. Tablets. These types of drugs are currently the most popular.
Taking drugs that increase male potency

Each person has the right to choose the drug he likes to determine his own path, how to fight impotence. Since we are all individuals, the same remedy can affect the body in different ways. It is necessary to take into account not only the positive effect, but also the effect on health in general. And such manifestations can be many.

Phytotherapy and its properties

Many prefer phytotherapeutic agents, justifying this by the fact that, unlike synthetic agents, they do not harm the body. These drugs are milder, so there are no side effects. They accumulate in the body and generally have a positive effect on it. Among all folk recipes, there are three most popular remedies for impotence after 50:

  1. Ginseng tincture- helps to solve potency problems. For its production, ginseng roots should be placed in a glass container and poured with alcohol. Keep the roots for two weeks, then take 30-40 grams before meals. This therapy lasts about a month.
  2. Decoction of mustard seeds- also restores men's health. First you need to fill them with water, then boil them for 10 minutes. Apply the lotion three times a day for two weeks.
  3. onions- surprisingly, it not only affects potency, but also combats related problems. To do this, you need to make a tincture: pour three onions with water and leave for a day. Use three times a day.
Folk remedies to increase potency - ginseng tincture, mustard seeds and onions

Effect of drugs for potency on the body

Headache - a side effect of the use of drugs for potency

Much and often is said about the effect of drugs for potency on the body. Although sex remains a very important occupation for a 50-year-old man, there is no need for actions that will harm your health. Thus, sometimes the restoration of potency in men after 50 years can harm the rest of the body.Before you start taking medicine, you should consult a doctor.After all, the cause of erectile dysfunction can be many problems. Although usually men do not particularly like to go to doctors, even those who treat more potency. However, your problems with low potency may be associated with other causes, such as cardiovascular disease.

It is worth considering that drugs such as nitrates and PDE-5 inhibitors dilate the vessels of the small pelvis and cardiac region, so they should not be used at the same time. The combination of these drugs can lower blood pressure and result in a stroke or heart attack. In some cases, the PDE-5 inhibitor causes headaches and nasal congestion.

There is a myth that the use of a potentiator can lead to addiction. But this happens only on a psychological level. Many men constantly increase the dosage to get the results advertised, all of which can lead to various side effects.

Potency conservation after 50

In almost all cases, the development of the disease is prevented by good prevention. First, you should use products that affect male potential and stimulate the production of male hormones:

  • eggs;
  • lean meat;
  • bee products;
  • fish;
  • dairy products.

Eating them is a good prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system. Onion and spices such as ginger, cumin, thyme and tarragon increase potency. Beet and oat kvass is very useful for men's health. In addition to nutrition, physical activity plays an important role in increasing male strength. It's not just women who need to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, men can benefit from Kegel exercises as well. In this case, you can not worry about the potential after 50 years.

Useful products that have a beneficial effect on male potency

When sex is harmful to health

Impotence after 50 years is, of course, a rather annoying disease, but in some cases you still have to give up sexual activity to protect your health. Sexual intercourse is contraindicated during severe arterial hypertension and severe cardiovascular diseases.Despite the fact that sex relieves stress, helps to lose weight and improves mood, it also increases blood pressure and increases the physical load on the body. . All this can aggravate the course of the disease. So, an increase in potency in men after 50 is not always a good thing for health, but a decrease in potency is a problem that needs to be solved.

Facts about sex after 50

  1. Surprisingly, sexual desire in men lasts longer with age than in women. Scientists believe that during the normal functioning of the body, male sexual activity does not disappear after 50 years, it can continue until the end of life. So potential at 50 is common.
  2. The quality of sex in old age directly depends on the lifestyle in youth. Male potential depends on the condition of the whole organism as a whole. Long sexual life remains in men who take control of their health from a young age. The frequency and regularity of sexual intercourse is also important. While a man's sexual activity is quite high in his youth, he can usually enjoy sex in his old age.
  3. Over the years, the quality of seminal fluid decreases, but there is still a chance of pregnancy in the 50s and 60s.

In general, it is important to monitor your health throughout life so that you do not fear potential problems later in your 50s. Quality prevention sometimes replaces good therapy. If this continues throughout your life, then, most likely, there will be no problems in the sexual sphere and you will never think about how to increase potency.