Instructions for use Man Plus

Features of use of Man Plus capsules

Natural improvement in male strength is now possible for every man. Vixea capsules have their own use characteristics. In order for a unique product to best meet your expectations, it is important to use it only in accordance with the instructions.

How are capsules used?

Instructions for use of Man Plus capsules

Want to experience live feelings from sex? Vixea's unique capsules should be taken twice a day, one capsule with water. The triple action formula will help create a long / lasting erection at any age. Remember, sexual health directly affects 70% of life satisfaction. According to statistics, 65% of men have complexes due to a small penis. 20% of the male population is ready to give up sex altogether due to lack of self-confidence. This innovative product helps the penis to grow naturally. Effective components will help to improve the condition of the nervous system and increase libido. With regular use, the first changes occur as 1 week of use. Capsules must be taken according to the instructions. This is the only way to achieve the desired and lasting result.


Are you ready to experience a flood of intense feelings and passion with your spouse? This unique product will help you get a strong erection in every relationship. Increased circulation will add the desired buttons to your penis. Man Plus capsules have a number of indications for application:

  • weak power;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • small penis size;
  • lack of libido, etc.

It is important! Unique capsules can also be taken to prevent male impotence.

Stages of activity

Week Impact
The first week The components begin to actively affect the whole body. The man feels a wave of sexual power.
The second week Libido rises, a persistent erection appears.
Third week Advanced effects of active ingredients. Men can have a brilliant orgasm. The stage is characterized by sexual endurance and an increase in penis size.
Fourth week The final stage of the effect of substances. The mood returns to normal. The potential is excellent. With the naked eye, it can be noted that the penis grows and rejoices in the continuity and duration of the erection every day.

It is important not to take capsules. This is the only way to get the result you want for the rest of your life. Do not miss the opportunity to order and buy the drug at the maximum discount.


Man Plus has no contraindications. When taken correctly / regularly, the drug heals the male body in 4 weeks. The innovative product can be purchased in Israel.

Purchase of capsules

It will not take much time and effort to order. It is enough to enter the name and contact phone number in a special form provided on the official website. The operator will then call you back and set a delivery time. Remember, you can pay after you receive the package. Hurry up, because only today Vixea Man Plus capsules have a -50% discount on total funding!